Tooshie 5 Manifests

Uncle Carl Goes To Jail

Circa 1989

I am Tooshie, and I am five years old. Something very bad happened to me but it wasn’t the first time. I was lying on the bed playing with my dolls and Uncle Carli came into the room. He forced my face down into the pillows and hurt me. He was lying on my back and hurting me. It was so sore. I cried and screamed at him, but he kept hurting me.

Uncle Carli’s wife came into the room and she shouted at him to get off me. He stopped hurting me, climbed off and left the room. Uncle Carli’s wife helped me up. I cried. My mommy came home and she took me to the hospital. It was cold and scary in the hospital. After the hospital we went to the police station where my mommy spoke to the police. I was sore, and scared; I kept crying.

The police came to our house after that and Uncle Carli went away with them. I don’t know where they went but uncle Carli stayed away for a while.

Tooshie 5 Manifests

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