Early Morning Lottery

Who Want’s Out?


Kai woke up early this morning, before 6AM, despite it still being dark outside and me ensuring he stayed dry during the night. It’s Friday, I had a long day ahead of me. Kai cuddled for a while and then we both started to make some noises, hopefully, slowly, calmly waking the rest of the house.

Ryder was up next, coming into the bedroom to give me an early morning kiss. That was sweet. I sent him to the bathroom for his morning toilet, then I gently started coaxing Miki awake. The grumbles coming from under the pile of bedclothes told me Kiska was present and waking up.

“Morning Kiska. You’ve got early morning duty again, huh? I joked with her, hoping to get her to wake up nicely.

Grumble, mumble, and mumble was the only reply I got. Yes, definitely Kiska. I let Kai slide off my side of the bed and make his way over to Kiska, clambering up into her arms. She smiled and kissed him with her eyes still closed. Good sign.

Kai then made his way through to Zee and Ryder. I followed after him, knowing there was bound to be a stress about something shortly. Sure enough, their new Lego Ninjago figurines were on the dining table, and Kai was soon grabbing for them. He’s tall enough now that he can reach onto any part of the dining table – nothing is safe.

“Daddy, Kai’s getting the new Lego. Help!” Ryder started stressing. Kai had also started screaming now, frustrated that Ryder was in his way; he was determined to play with these shiny new figurines.

I leaned over the table and lightly rapped Kai’s fingers. “No Kai. Don’t grab. Don’t scream. Use your words.” I said firmly. It didn’t help; Kai just started screaming louder.

“Ryder, you should move these toys now.”

“Leave the baby alone,” someone screamed shrilly from the bedroom.

What the hell was that, I thought to myself. Who the hell was that? That wasn’t Kiska.

“You big meanie. You leave the baby alone.” The voice was screaming and sobbing now.

Damn, Tooshie 5 had presented when she’d heard Kai screaming. I went through to the bedroom. Sure enough, Tooshie 5 was sobbing, her tear stained face half buried in the pillows.

“Tooshie. That wasn’t very nice, screaming at me, and calling your Daddy names.” I said firmly but calmly to her. I sat down on the bed next to her, and gently started to stroke her back.

“But Daddy was being mean to the baby.” She sobbed into the pillows.

“No, everything is fine. I was sorting out Kai and Ryder. They were going to start fighting.” I replied. “Tooshie, it’s not nice to scream from the room and call your Daddy mean.”

“Sorry Daddy.” She said as she left. Miki looked around, confused to be awake, and in tears.

“Tooshie 5 was here.” I said by way of explanation, smiling at her. “Morning sweetie”

Miki stood up and went for her morning toilet. I slumped back down onto the bed – Miki could handle the kids for a few minutes, I was tired already. She came back into the bedroom, and sat down on the couch.

“Do you want some coffee?” She asked, immediately followed by, “Oh dear, I just started to feel very small, very young.”

“Yes, good idea. Thank you.” I replied to her. “It was probably Tooshie 8, or Angel you were feeling. Did you used to make Pa coffee in the morning?”

“Yes, often.” She replied. “You’re right. Get out of my head. How do you know what my Alters are doing?” She sounded quite surprised. I wasn’t, it was a logical assumption to make.

She left the room, went into the kitchen, turned the kettle on, and filled the coffee mugs. Then she came back into the room, climbed onto the bed and cuddled up to me. She started grinding her hips against me and coming onto me.

“Whoa,” I said, “it’s going to be a long day. We can’t do this now.”

“Oh, I just wanted to tease you, get you in the mood. So, we’re not going to play tonight?” She said petulantly.

What, when, how did 7’teen present, I thought to myself.

“We played the other morning. That was me you were playing with, not Miki. I was pretending.” She continued, smiling, obviously proud of having faked Miki so well. Great, I thought to myself: taken advantage of by a seventeen year old.

“Not this morning. Too much to do.”

I thought she was going to get upset, normally she would, but she suddenly remembered the kettle was still boiling and jumped up to finish making the coffee. A few minutes later I joined her in the kitchen.

“So, how was your night out last night?” I asked.


“Where did you go?”


“Who did you go with?”

“Taya.” I was getting monosyllable answers from her, typical teenager behavior.

“Yeah, Taya, and who else?”

“Her friend, the boy.”

It was like getting blood out of a stone.

“Why are you asking me all these questions? Don’t you trust me? I always go out and I’m just fine.” She turned on me, anger flashing in her eyes.

She was being quite talkative now, I thought to myself, smiling.

“What’s funny?”

“Nothing’s funny. It’s actually quite serious. You were late again coming home. I really need to know where you’re going and with whom. And you really need to be home at the time agreed.” I was keeping my tone firm but calm. I can sometimes do that if I have fair warning that it’s 7’teen present. If she sneaks up on me, she usually manages to draw me into an emotional reaction.

“I’ll do the dishes, you sit down, relax and enjoy your coffee.” I said, moving towards the sink. I’d seen too many Alters that morning and I didn’t want a scene with the most emotional one.

“Fine, that’s exactly what I’ll do!”

Early Morning Lottery

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