Zee Pranks 7’teen

Mobile Games


Zee likes to watch a few TV series: his favorites are Adventure Time, The Regular Show, and Big Bang Theory. We have them on disk so he can call them up whenever he wants. He watches them in order: from Season 1, Episode 1, through to the end, then he repeats the exercise. They’re all quite off-the-wall, especially the two cartoon series. Even Big Bang Theory has some interesting, offbeat humor in it, which at first I didn’t think he would understand, but as it turned out, he did. As a result, he’d developed this interest in ‘pranking’ us whenever he can. His pranks are usually incredibly funny to him; we can never really figure out the point of them, but he finds them hysterical.

That morning, I left my mobile phone at home, under my pillow, while I went out shopping. Zee found it while he was neatening up the bed, and decided it was a perfect opportunity to prank Miki. He called her phone from my phone.

Buzz, buzz, Miki’s mobile rang in her pocket. She pulled it out, recognized my number and hit the Accept icon. “Hello.”

No reply. That’s weird, she thought to herself. “Hello,” she repeated.

“Hello,” Zee responded, his small voice coming through her mobile speaker.

“What the hell are you doing with my Brett’s phone?” 7’teen immediately presented, enraged, mistaking Zee’s small boy voice for a women’s voice, pushing Miki aside.

“Hello,” Zee repeated, walking towards Miki with my phone held to his ear. He was laughing by now – his prank was working perfectly well. He’d confused her completely: apparently that being the sole purpose of his exercise.

“Fuck you!” 7’teen shouted down the phone. She was furious, convinced she’d found evidence of me cheating on her.

Miki reasserted her presence, forcing 7’teen back aside. “Zee!” Miki shouted across the room, finally noticing that Zee was on the phone, my phone, laughing hysterically to himself. She meant to ask him what he was doing on the phone, but she suddenly realized that it was he calling her. As she did so, she also realized what it must have sounded like, those two sentences strung one after the other: “Fuck you, Zee.”

“Sorry Zee, I didn’t mean that. 7’teen came out quickly.” She tried explaining, half over the phone, half directly to Zee’s face.

Zee wasn’t upset at all. He wasn’t even really listening to her. He was in hysterics, laughing wildly. “I pranked you. I pranked you,” he kept repeating as he thumbed the Disconnect icon.

7’teen is intensely paranoid; likely to jump to the wrong conclusions at any time, and always expects the worst. When anything even remotely disturbing happens she’s the first one to jump up and down, screaming ‘the end is nigh.’ The Alters call her The Siren; they love her but they had a great time teasing her about Zee’s prank.

Zee Pranks 7’teen

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