Emma Manifests

Circa 1988

I am Emma.

Those poor girls: Meisie and Mirrischka. They have suffered so much, and they’re still so young; unless something changes they’re likely to suffer more.

I don’t remember exactly what daytime, TV soap opera the girls were watching at the time, so I don’t recall precisely whom I was modeled from. All I can recall is that the girls created me from a fictional character that they idolized, someone they looked up to.

I am tall, aged approximately thirty, beautiful with long, brunette hair. I always dress immaculately. I carry myself with poise and grace and I am polite.

Every child needs a strong role model. In a normal, functional family, children get two: a mother and a father. Mirrischka’s father abandoned her years ago, while she was still an infant, taking her twin brother away to Russia with him. Mirrischka’s mother was an alcoholic who, when she wasn’t working, was out drinking, or at home, drunk already.

At first, I think they just created me as a fantasy figure, wishing that one day they would grow up beautiful and strong, and live in a large house, surrounded by an interesting, loving family. But as their sexual and other abuse continued, and they found that they had no one else to depend on, no one else to turn to for help, they started to look more and more towards me for the love and protection they desperately needed.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t present in a three, or four-year-old body, nor could I present externally and help them. So, all I could do was develop internally, and be there for them internally. I watched them carefully, and consoled them when they wept, often gently calming them to sleep. I’ve been watching them and the other girls develop ever since.

I’ve seen everything that they’ve gone through, that’s been done to them, and I remember everything.

Emma Manifests