Learning To Love The Ride

You can’t stop it, you can’t get off it, you can’t get out of it… you just have to deal with it.

Early Days

Close Friends

Stolen Identities

Meisie’s Earliest Memories

Emma Manifests

Tooshie 5 Manifests

Angel Eyes Manifests

The Teens

Kiska Manifests

Shafieq Manifests

A New Job

Erin Manifests

Erin Misbehaves

Mistress Manifests

The Good Times

Meeting Miki

Mikhaila Manifests

The Bad Times

I Can Hear A Baby Crying

Are You Spying On Me?



Showing My Fear

You Really Are Spying On Me!

Crime Fighting

Early Morning Lottery

7’teens Missing

The Operation

One Track Mind

Zee Pranks 7’teen


SC Speaks Up



Who’s Reality Is Real?

Riding The Dragon

Reality, Disconnected…

Love And Sacrifice

       Timeline of a Crisis

Can We Be Normal?

I Don’t Know You

The End Times

Short Stories


Find A Path

       A Cave, A Warrior, A Monk And A Warrior Princess

Project Phoenix


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